Psilocybin Ballot Title – Measure 30-159: NOTICE OF RECEIPT OF BALLOT TITLE AND NOTICE OF ELECTION Notice is hereby given that the City Elections Official, Benjamin Burgener, of the City of Stanfield, Oregon has received a ballot title related to prohibiting psilocybin-related businesses on August 16, 2022, for the November 8, 2022 General Election. The following shall be the ballot title: Caption: Prohibits psilocybin-related businesses within the City of Stanfield.  Question: Shall the City of Stanfield prohibit psilocybin-related businesses within the City of Stanfield? Summary: State law allows operation manufacturer, distribution and possession of psilocybin and psilocin.  State law provides that the Stanfield City Council may adopt an ordinance to be referred to the voters to prohibit the establishment of any of those registered or licensed activities.  Approval of this measure would prohibit the establishment of psilocybin product manufacturers and/or psilocybin service center operators within the area subject to the jurisdiction of the City of Stanfield.   As indicated in ORS 250.296, an elector may file a petition for review of ballot title in Umatilla County Circuit Court no later than 5:00 p.m. September 1, 2022. Copies of the ballot title are available on the City of Stanfield’s website,, or at the Stanfield City Hall, 160 S. Main Street, Stanfield, OR 97875


Umatilla County Housing Authority is accepting applications for the Patriot Heights Housing development.

Umatilla County Housing Authority is accepting applications for the new Patriot Heights Development in Stanfield. Depending on your family size, incomes of up to $53,000/year qualify (I was told that just yesterday they increased all of the upper income levels by an additional $1,200/year from what is on the attached flyer).
These are newly built homes that will also have a community center and park in the middle. Also, as a plus, the development is up on the ridge that oversees all of Stanfield (Great View!!).
Applications can be picked up at Stanfield City Hall or by calling the Umatilla Housing Authority (number included on the flyer).