The City of Stanfield is conducting its first annual resident opinion survey. This survey only takes 3 minutes to complete, and will help us know your opinion on a variety of important City issues.

Paper copies of the survey were included in the November 1st utility bills, and can be returned in the same envelope with your utility bill payment.

You don't have to submit a hard copy, you can complete the survey right here, at this link.

We are getting reports that some bills did not have the survey included, but instead included a notice from last August. We are checking with our printer to determine what caused this error, but we apologize. If you did not get a survey in your bill, you can get a paper copy at City Hall, or you can access the survey online, at the link above.

Either way, please complete a survey, and let us know what you think. If you fill out a hard copy of the survey, please don't fill it out online, and vice versa. Thanks!

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