Permits/Services Fees

City of Stanfield
Permits, Licenses and Services Fees
General Fees and Service Charges 
Personal Copies per page $0.10 each
Public Record Copy Requests per page $0.15 each
Copies of Public Record Meeting Tapes/Audio CD $5.00 each
Faxes IN $1.00 for first page, $0.50 per page after 1st page
Faxes OUT, Local $0.25 per page
Faxes OUT, Long Distance $1.00 per page
Lien Search $20.00
Returned Check Fee $8.00 each check if same day
  $25.00 if not same day
Police Reports $6.00 + $1.25 per additional page
Dog License Fee $5.00 fixed, $20.00 unfixed
Business License Fee $20.00
Vendor Permit $20.00 + deposit
Land Use and Permit Fees 
Yard Sale Permit $5.00
Compost Yard Permit Free for Stanfield Residents, $250.00/quarter for Commercial Users
Livestock Permit $15.00
Fence Permit $5.00
Permitted Use (Any structure meeting zoning requirements such as Homes, Decks, Sheds, Barns, etc.)  $15.00
Lot Line Adjustment  $20.00 
Variance (Class A) 


Variance (Class B or C)  $100.00 
Minor Conditional Use  $75.00 
Conditional Use  $125.00 
Minor Zone Amendment  $100.00 
Zone Amendment + Comp Plan Amendment  $250.00 + Cost of Professional Services  
Comp Plan Amendment $200.00 + Cost of Professional Services
Land Partition  $100.00 + Cost of Professional Services  
Subdivision - Preliminary Plat  $200.00 + Cost of Professional Services + $15/Lot
Subdivision - Final Plat  $100.00 + Cost of Professional Services